Sprint WiFi announce an innovative solution for public vehicles

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Sprint WiFi announce an innovative solution for public vehicles

Press Release Supplied from Sprint Communications

Sprint WiFi is a public WiFi solution designed to be installed in buses, taxis, trains and trams worldwide. Sprint’s solution is powered by the 4G cellular networks and developed along side partner Network Utilities (Systems) Ltd to create a high speed, secure, and easy to use solution that meets the growing demand for WiFi wherever we go.

A recent survey completed by users using Sprint’s solution on a rural bus route found that 100% of users found the service useful, 95% of users would actively use bus routes more if they had WiFi installed and a further 40% said that if they were waiting at a bus stop they would wait for a bus with WiFi before travelling.

In addition to the high speed data connection the products unique login facility is the backbone of the solution. It allows for the gathering of marketing data as well as acting as a platform for both video and banner advertising. It is the only cellular solution that fully complies with UK and EU legislation on recording users details and data transmitted over public WiFi. Users must login before gaining access to the internet either through an account setup with their mobile number and email address, or with their Facebook or Twitter ID. The solution records, encrypts and stores this information. The login facility allows the owner of the Sprint WiFi solution to gather marketing data such as customer names, email addresses, and telephone numbers andrecords when those users are online.

Sprint WiFi is designed to allow for an ‘ads-for-access’ model whereby users watch a 15 second video advertisement in return for 15 minutes of free WiFi this would allow the operator to reduce the overall cost of the solution through advertising revenue, whilst retaining a free WiFi model for the end user. The extensive reporting platform allows operators to login and view the number of users online across their network at any time, as well as other key information such as the length of time users spend online, graphs showing the peak times on the network and allows for the export of data for further analysis.

More information can be found on the Sprint WiFi YouTube channel at: www.youtube.com/sprintwifi

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