Travel the World in Three-and-a-half Hours

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Travel the World in Three-and-a-half Hours

Fancy taking your guests on a day out but not sure where ?

How about something different ? Something unique ?

Start by going back in time to the 1930s and a sleepy seaside village. Punch & Judy on the beach, fishermen hauling in the catch as women wait to buy fresh fish. Horses and carts rather than cars. Cricket, golf, a wedding at the church and the smallest poppy wreaths in the world at the war memorial.

Then move on to the swinging sixties – Beatlemania, petrol at 4/6d a gallon (with Green Shield stamps), jazz being played from a canal barge, all the high street shops of the time, including Wooworth’s. What other ones do you remember ?

Then nip across to Holland – stand by a tulip field as the windmills gently rotate; take a bike round the busy town past the beautiful Dutch architecture; relax on a canal cruise. There’s even a red-light district too so look away now . . . – oh go on then.

Into Belgium with a street market with food stalls and people sitting in the sun drinking. On into Germany and a beautiful scene, moving from vineyard to a busy city to a small town, all linked by train. The amount of detail in the model-making is startling.


Then spread your wings and fly to Canada, landing in the Rockies by a placid lake – mind the fishermen discussing the one that got away; see the Rocky Mountaineer as it coasts past a tree-stacked mountain – watch out for bears. A rodeo is also being put in place with bucking broncos, chuck-wagon races and more cowboys and cowgirls than you can shake a stick at – should you want to.

Then race a car round a four-lane high-speed  race track – how’s your driving skills ? You’ll definitely want to challenge your family or friends on this.

Have a rest and a snack in the coffee shop (soup and a sandwich, perhaps, or scones and jam ?) before venturing out again – into Switzerland where we find ourselves high up a mountain on a narrow-gauge railway – you can almost hear some yodelling as you gaze at the beautiful mountain scenery. Then a brief look at Japan and its high-speed trains. Then really test your skills by trying to fly a plane. Don’t worry, we’ll give you a lesson first, in anything from a single-engine seaplane up to a 747. Are you up to it ?


All the time and more exhibits are being added at Wonderful World of Trains & Planes, a unique visitor attraction featuring models of trains, planes and more from all over the world. Look back at international rail history with some of the great trains of the past, British and European.

Three-and-a-half hours of fun, for families and enthusiasts of all ages. Disabled access and toilets, lift, child and family-friendly. Special rates for groups of ten or more.

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